[CINTE23 grand opening, "High quality International Exhibition" activation of massive business opportunities!]
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On September 19, sponsored by the China Textile Industry Federation, The 16th China International Industrial Textile and Nonwovens Exhibition (CINTE23), jointly organized by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, China Industrial Textile Industry Association and Messe Frankfurt (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center Hall E1, E2 and E3.

The exhibition area of more than 40,000 square meters, the scale of the best level in history, the exhibition hall has non-woven materials exhibition area, industrial textiles exhibition area, overseas exhibition group and other exhibition areas, and set up textile composite innovation application area, "Better life, nonwovens" theme area and Marine engineering and fishery textiles exhibition area and other special exhibition areas. The exhibits cover non-woven fabrics and products, sails, rope nets, high-performance fiber composite materials, functional textile materials, etc., covering many fields such as medical and health, safety protection, environmental protection, geoconstruction, transportation, aerospace, packaging, Marine fisheries, sports and leisure.

On the first day of the exhibition, Sun Ruizhe, president of the China Textile Industry Federation, Wang Tiankai, former Vice President Xu Kunyuan, Secretary-General Daylight Min, Vice President Li Lingshen, leaders of relevant units of the China Textile Federation, and guests from industry associations from many countries and regions visited the exhibition accompanied by the person in charge of the exhibition organizers.

It's all about high tech

Sun Ruizhe, Wang Tiankai and Xu Kunyuan visited GROZ-BECKERT and DILO GROUP, Xinli, Youli, Youliang High-tech, itematech, Shanghai Shenda, Tiandingfeng, Dongfang Guochuang, Zhejiang Tiantai Exhibition Group, Hubei Xiantao Exhibition Group, Guangdong Jiujiang Exhibition Group, Beijing Fashion Holding, Guangxiqiao Exhibition group, Jiangsu Funing Exhibition group, General Technology New materials, Zhongtai Henghui, Beifu, Sunshine Health Medical Technology, Chuanhua Chemical, Jinsanfa, Hangzhou Phoenix, Shenying Composite, Hengtian Heavy Industry, Guzhidao, Hengli Chemical fiber, Bangwei New materials, Taihe New materials, Shaanxi Yuanfeng and other booths, as well as the "Good life, nonwovens" theme area and Marine engineering and fishery textiles theme area of the exhibition area of innovative products. Subsequently, the leadership team participated in the product development promotion meeting of Hongda Research Institute Co., Ltd. and the award ceremony of "Innovative Exhibits Selection" and other weighty activities.

In the overseas exhibition group, Sun Ruizhe and his party learned about the new technologies and new ideas brought by international enterprises, and asked them about their market sales and their views on the Chinese market and enterprises. "There are many new materials emerging in the Chinese market, such as carbon fiber, and the textile industry has been upgrading technology. The Chinese market has a good prospect." Many international enterprises have expressed strong interest in the Chinese market, and Sun Ruizhe said that they are welcome to actively layout the Chinese market and cooperate with Chinese enterprises. Subsequently, the party also focused on visiting and understanding the characteristic products of many enterprises, such as the new interior materials, battery base and other products innovated and developed by Shanghai Shenda for new energy vehicles, and strive to provide insulation function for car batteries in cold areas; Tiandingfeng's high-strength coarse denier polypropylene filament needled geotextile has realized material substitution, and is currently accelerating equipment research and development and promoting industrial application process; At the booth of Shanghai Advanced Technology Textile Manufacturing Innovation Center, the leaders talked about how to study how to make the platform better play a sustainable role; Bonvi New Material flexible composite material production line, can produce a variety of high-performance fabrics, to achieve online accurate monitoring, widely used in nuclear and chemical protection tents, heavy chemical protection clothing and other fields; Taihe New Materials has demonstrated the aramid industry chain and is exploring new applications of aramid beyond clothing such as anhydrous dyeing and battery separator. In addition, Bifu composite high breathable elastic nonwovens produced pula-pants, menstrual pants, Sunshine medical science and technology display of spunbond, spunlace nonwovens disposable bathrobes and other products, Hangzhou Phoenix wiping wipes, Beijing fashion Holding fashion functional clothing and other exhibits, to meet people's needs for a better life to provide more possibilities.

During the tour, Sun Ruizhe and other parties affirmed the innovation achievements of the industrial textile industry, and encouraged enterprises to continue to follow the main line of "science and technology, fashion, green", and weave a better life with new products, new technologies, and new materials.

Strong business opportunities, popularity, high heat

Massive quality exhibits, caring service, professional buyers...... As always, CINTE has attracted the attention of upstream and downstream enterprises, institutions, markets and clusters in the national industrial textile industry.

On the first day of development, the popularity of the exhibition hall exploded and business opportunities surged. CINTE with efficient and fine exclusive services to boost the depth of trade landing, not only for the exhibitors in demand, recommend accurate buyers, but also organized and invited heavy professional buyers, purchasing teams to contact the procurement, for the industry to show a scientific and technological innovation, application trend, unlimited business opportunities blend of trade feast, the harvest of exhibitors and buyers double praise, so that the acquisition and supply to achieve two-way.

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